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User Comments:
1. | Jun 11, 2014
J9I just want to say that the smoked saomln sandwich at the Metropolitan opera FLOORS ME and I desire it whenever I get in that building. Just FYI to another pumpernickel/saomln fan.
2. | May 28, 2013
xNp8cu mhumdytkhgoa
3. | May 26, 2013
Yuck ! What you describe from Hershey Lodge is NOT a glierld cheese. It's an Apple Brie Sourdough sandwich.A glierld Cheese sandwich is what it is. People should feel free to eat any glierld sandwich they want but don't call it a Grilled Cheese in the historical sense.Would you take some chopped steak then add Cheddar or Brie, asparagus, red peppers and Oregano then call it a Philly Cheesesteak ? No you'd call it a Veggie Steak sandwich or something else. But you can't take a classic sandwich, switch all the ingredients and then sill call it that classic name !
4. | May 26, 2013
A wonderful job. Super hlpeful information.