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User Comments:
1. | Dec 9, 2013
I really didn't think too much of Aubrey but after wahnticg this interview, I am starting to like her a little more. She has grown a lot and I like her attitude and honesty about things. Wish the best of luck to her and I hope she continues on a positive path.
2. | Dec 7, 2013
First, let me say you know of my undying, uinleyding and unwavering love for Mint Condition cause you and me go back to the early days of FOOMdom (smile). But I can't agree with you more and I certainly thought about how much I value the essence of this band as I watched them perform last week in New York. Taking the simple sound made by each instrument represented on that stage, and merging it with others resulted in the most beautifully crafted music one could imagine and that with or without that special guy on lead vocals. Live music is a wonderful commodity that I truly hope will gain so much momentum that all of tools that spew music imitation crash and burn!
3. | Dec 6, 2013
I've never been a big fan, but I think it is a decent first eforft! If this is what she is capable of with just herself and unknown producers then she actually has a very good shot! If she had a machine behind her, I think she could actually be successful on her own. I wish her luck because there is definitely potential with her. She just needs to get away from Diddy and get with a label that will really invest in and promote her. But I have to say that I admire that she did this on her own without Diddy .it speaks volumes about her character. To me it means she is smarter than lots of people give her credit for. She is trying to make her own name apart from any of the groups she was in and hustling. I have to respect that .good job young girl! and good luck!
4. | Aug 11, 2013
February 13, 2011 - 1:17 pm Which Dawn Richard are you referring to? As far as I'm cnreenocd, as a fan, no you will NOT like everything that she's done, but you cannot deny that she's maintained some aspect of herself throughout this entire journey with Dirty Money. (Emphasis on Journey )I mean c'mon, she wrote songs on LTTP for crying out loud!! I've never heard of a backup singer doing that.Stop dismissing her talent because of who she's affiliated with. That's not fair because we all can see that the girl has her head on straight and can CLEARLY think for herself.As fans , some of you don't give her enough credit to be smarter than those who may have been used by Puff. Think about it.
5. | Aug 1, 2013
Morning chaps, loving the sutble update to the layout, v.nice.One small request please can you get rid of the apostrophe on workout's on the right hand menu (third subhead down) it's not a possessive it's a plural, and seeing it all the time is gonna cane my typography OCD something rotten.TIA, D.
6. | Jul 30, 2013
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7. | May 30, 2013
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8. | May 29, 2013
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