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User Comments:
1. | Aug 6, 2014
urIdvN Very good blog article. Really Cool.
2. | Jul 22, 2014
>Hey, you know I'm socially arakwwd, too. I will usually talk to someone but I inevitably bring up some weird topic that offends someone or grosses someone out. It's just what I do. Eileen told me about a Tweet Up once and I was like *gasp* I don't think I can do that! Maybe, now I'd like to try it :pGood luck studying!
3. | Jun 28, 2014
>Hi Abby,Nice meeting you last night at the event.My wife and I bllicaasy went to it to get out of the house, have some drinks as a warm-up for the other event at the Cine Arte Alameda later that night. Since we don't actually sell anything (with the blog or guide) we didn't have the (desperate) need to make contacts or anything. So we went to see what was happening in the travel industry and if there was anything new or interesting.I'm generally a shy person too and normally I can't be bothered talking to people trying to sell me something. That's probably why I talked to You and Eileen so much and just a handful of other people.When you don't know anyone at these types of events it is more like "work" and can be tiring so I understand you there.Saludos